The Fantastic Anawhata Assembly!!!

We were all excited but a couple of us were nervous. We welcomed the classes to the assembly then we got up and sung the national anthem, after that Dylan did the welcome fairy and sprinkled glitter over all the new teachers. We then did our 'introduce yourself' chant then our Anawhata chant.

After the Anawhata chant, bang, we got up and did our flashmob dance to the song 'If we ever meet again' by Timbaland and Katy Perry. Everybody looked at us smiled and started shaking there hips. We were so puffed when we finished!
We had the notices .
THEN Elia got up and started the Single Ladies dance everybody laughed when we were smiling and dancing it was such a funny sight!
Finally there was the last song which was Lets Get Loud.
We said good bye and thank you for coming to our assembly.

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