Room 17 homelinks

In Room 17 we have been doing homelinks but...
We are doing all of it on the computer and then print it out so we don't have to keep printing things. We are using a program called Keynote and each slide we put in has all the work we need on our homelink so we can easily look at all the mistakes we've made and what we don't need for our homelink.
Since we are doing our homelinks on our computer, it gets completed quicker because if we've done a mistake on one of the pages, we don't have to print a better copy, we just have to change it and then we don't have to print it again and waste the TREES!

We have to do all of the required homelink pages and they are the following: Title Page, Letter to The Parents, All About Me, Multiple Intellegences or Smart, Term 1 &2 Self-Evaluation, PM Benchmark, Reading, Reading Photo Page, Basic Facts, Understanding Numeracy, My Maths Strategies,All About The Numbers, Statistics, (No) Camp Recount, Camp-Evaluation/No-Camp Photo Page, Day Dream Poem, Instructions, Motto, Room 17's Flash Mobs, Rock Our World, term 2 Cross Country, PE, Anawhata All Stars Values and Art-Pencil Sketching.

At the end once we've finished all the pages (slides) on Keynote, we have to save our whole homelink onto the desktop and then move it to the server and then we have finished our homelink! (For term 1&2/Parent Interviews). Miss Davies put the homelinks in our flash drives so we can take them home and show our parents to have a better look through them. But for the people who don't have a computer or a USB, Miss Davies printed it and put them into the homelink folder we all bought at the start if the year.

Camp 2010

We went to Kawau Island to camp. We went there on the 15th February.
When we first got there we had to set up our beds for night time, when we had finished we got to eat our lunch- then off to play .
At night we got to play a game witch you have to get into 5 groups, then get a straw and put it in your mouth then Mr Hall handed out the lollipops that had a circle in the middle. There were 5 people at the back and first group to get it to the back get a lollies.
We played 2 more games, brushed our teeth and went to sleep.
The next day we went swimming - we got a lifejacket to keep us safe then we got to jump off the diving pad then we got to go and eat a banana split '' yummy''.

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