Auckland Hockey Academy

Today the Auckland Hockey Academy visited Summerland Primary School. They only taught the year 5's and 6's. There was two men Hemant and Sean there. They had set up 2 groups of hockey sticks on the courts. We all thought we were using those sticks but we weren't.
They had told us to jump over the sticks. They showed us a demonstration how to jump over the sticks. When we had finished doing that we had grabbed a hockey stick and got a partner. They had said we had to pass the ball to your partner. 15 minutes later we had to get in a group of 3 or 4. They had put 3 cones in front of us. We had to go in and out of the cones. When we reached to our group we had to pass it to the next person. My group was the first to finished!
After that we had to go on the netball court and spread out. We got our own ball. The instructor said there was 3 levels.
Level 1 is when you just dribble the ball everywhere.
Level 2 is when you dribble the ball but when the instructor says "PASS" you pass the ball to someone else. You cannot pass the ball to the same person you passed.
Level 3 is when you try to get someones ball and hit it to the sides. Who every gets out has to sit on the side. If you want to get in the game you must bounce your ball 3 times on your stick. We played it again but this time if you get out you lose. Viliami survived.
The next game we played was Hockey Ball Rush. There was 2 attackers. The people who survived was Lisa, Courtney and Michael. We returned our balls in the bag and lined up. Room 22 had arrived at the courts. We went to the class and did our timetable.

Dylan's WWE tour

A couple of Thursdays ago I went to the Smackdown Tour that came to New Zealand. When we got there I was so excited about it. It was at the Vector Arena in the city. We went to have dinner first Reid and I had Mc Donald's then mum and dad had some rice and chicken. Then we headed back to Vector Arena. I really wanted a shirt but mum said No! Dad secretly brought me a John Cena shirt that was heaps of money. Then it was the first match. It was lots of fun seeing my favourite and non favourite superstars. My Favourite match was Rey Mysterio vs Kane. Rey did the 619 to me on his fingers to me when I was fighting Reid my Brother. Kane weighs about 305 pounds, Kane has weight and height advantage. Rey did one advantage - high flying. Ding Ding the match starts Rey kicks Kane in the leg, Kane punch's, a few minutes later the match is over. THEN KANE has not had enough, he starts beating up Rey. No way it was the Big Show - who weighs about 220kgs and is 7 foot. Big Show starts to beat the life out of Kane then Drew Mcintyre comes down and starts kicking Big Show. Then Kofi Kingston come down hit Drew. Suddenly out of no where Drew and Kane are gone - running and upset like little Babies crying for their Mummy. Rey gets his revenge and so does The Big Show and Kofi Kingston. Rey stay's, Big show and Kofi Kingston go.
Then we go home get into pajamas, have something to eat brush teeth and go to bed.

Blart Character Descriptions

We have been doing character descriptions in our class to get ready for the writing test that need us to write one about someone. I have done one about Blart and from my character description I drew a picture of Blart on Kid Pix on the computer.

This is my Character description:
"I'm not going anywhere!" exclaimed Blart, the boy who was very stupid and loved pigs. He had lived with pigs for his whole life with his grandfather on a farm, which is the reason he likes pigs.

Blart has a darkish shade of blonde hair, with blue eyes and a pig-like nose. He wears loose clothes that stink of B.O. and mud. Blart is used to it. He's as tall as a humongous 13 year old and he has pale white skin that matches his clothes and hair.

He is very persistent in staying with his pigs and would even choose to stay with them rather than go and save the world. He always gives up on something really easily and he is really stupid. Stupid because of not saving the world, he doesn't know any useful words to say and wouldn't even know what 1+1 equals. He is very selfish and would never help anyone except for himself and pigs. He likes to do nothing but sit down instead of jumping and running around like a normal kid, he might even be mentally challenged.

One time blart got kidnapped and didn't know which word to say for kidnapped. Another time he somehow turned down the demand of saving the world and went to sleep in his bed instead.

What I think of blart is dumb and also a little funny with how he acts. Mainly but, really, really really idiotic!

The Stardome Sleep Over!!!

In the holidays we played at Maristelle's house and we saw her niece named Summer. Maristelle's niece is so annoying but cute and she cried over us, and laughing at Strawberry Shortcake her favourite movie in the whole world!
We laughed because in America there Spring is in March and here its September. Summer went to my brother (her dad) and told on us! My brother didn't care about telling us off, then Summer went to my mum and still another person didn't care about us laughing at the movie! After all that drama we ate lunch with my mum, Samantha, Summer, Tyrone, Steve and Maristelle. When everyone left Sam and Maristelle watched some Sonny with a Chance, Glee, Sweet Life on Deck and the Simpsons!
While we were watching TV we had some mandarins and we were peeling the white stuff off it and eating them with tooth-picks! (how funny!!)
When it was dark we left to the Mexacani Fresh at 7:00pm to eat dinner and then we went to the Star Dome at 7:30pm but our turn was at 8:00pm, so we had to wait for a long and long time to go into the Star Dome it was amazing to see.
After we did that we were laughing so hard it was crazy! Then we went to sleep!

Winter Field Day!

In term 3 we are doing Winter Field Day and I am doing Hockey. Winter field day is a day where most of the schools in West Auckland go and play different sports.
Winter field day is on Tuesday 24th August. For hockey we need a mouthguard, shin pads, long socks to cover up the shin pads and a hockey stick, this optional because the school has some we could use.

We have training before school on Mondays, and Wednesday afternoons where we usually do senior sport. We do alot of drills and games in training so that while we train we also make it fun.

I chose hockey because I wanted to try something different from soccer because I already play it for a club and it turns out that when you try something different its actually really fun. There were also other sports I could have done like Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Kiwisport.

Winter Field Day will be really fun and we will all enjoy it.

Already at University!

"OH MY GOSH! ARE WE DREAMMING, BECAUSE WERE GOING TO UNI !!!" This is what we felt inside, 10 & 11 year olds going to UNI now that is something BIG. The chosen people were offered a variety of sessions which improved different areas of our learning. This certain class we were attending was taught by Russel G. and it was Word Wizardry. We gained the knowledge about where the english language originated from. "Anglo Waaa?" The English language originated from the Anglo Saxon language. Did you know that the country that speaks the most english is India OMG !!! We learnt heaps from Russel as he had lots to tell us because of experience throughout his lifetime. He told us that at one stage that French was actually the most common language. We learnt so much our heads started hurting. The best part was at the end when we got to handle ancient artifacts and some of them were recreated. Thank you Russel for expanding the knowledge in our minds and which might help us in the future!!

In November and October

In October I am having my 10th birthday on the 19th, and when its the next saturday I will go to Rainbows end and I will go on the new ride called INVADER and its so cool!
I can do it without any hands! I love the roller coaster and and the go-carts!
Then on halloween in October I was meant to be born on halloween but I came early, Samantha and I will go trick-or-treating till our stomachs are full with candy!
We will have so much fun.
In November its Samantha's birthday!!! How exiting, we can't wait and we are having a spa theme and its going to be fun we can't wait till it comes!

Word Wizardry with Russell Greenwood

On Tuesday the 3rd of August 2010 Maristelle, Atarah, Shari, Aashay, Courtney, Lisa, Hannah and I went to WORD WIZARDRY! And we learnt how to say words and translate them into English, ond-and pa-the walas-weird , etc. We learnt about ancient Rome and the Romans and we got to see pottery from long ago as I call it. We learnt how to translate the story of Cynewulf he's a warrior who has deprived Sigebryght of his kingdom for unrytumdaedum-Unriches deed and he is dead. I filled up like 5 pages of my everything book. Russell told us that we had to go outside and do some exercise because we had been sitting for ages and we would get fat and that our parents would kill him!

Rm 17's Classroom Set Up

In term two room 17 teacher the amazing Miss Davies had an idea, her idea was to change the classroom around and add some things on.
First we had to measure every thing to make sure everything could fit in the place it had to be in. Then we had to move everything around in the last two days of the term. Then we could play around with it on friday because we finished it quite quickly.
It's really cool to have Miss Davies as our teacher.

Our New Timetable!!

In the 2nd week of T3 Miss Davies gave us some timetables to work on.
For the first week we worked on time management actually getting through the whole timetable, it is now w3 with our timetables we all have gotten better with our time management...
Miss Davies would give us say 4x Reading, 4x Maths, 3x Blogs, 2x Homelinks and 1x iRead to put on our timetable and the squares that Miss Davies has already filled we have to leave them alone the rest that aren't, we fill in with our Maths/Reading etc.
I am getting to learn that our timetables aren't that easy and they aren't to cool...what I hate about them is that if say my reading group had to do reading as a "GROUP" and we couldn't because no one else was doing it at that time that you were. What I like about it is that we get to do what we want when we want...My conclusion about our timetable is, I love our new timetable it is really cool, fun and a very new experience...Thanks Miss Davies!!

Maori language week

On maori language week 25 of July our class room 17 did maori word of the week. It went for the whole week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The first word of the week was Rekareka it means fun. Then the second word was Ako it means success, the third was Whakakotahitanga which means Team. After that was Whakaute that means Respect and the last (the easiest) ngakau tapatahi means Integrity. Here are some maori words for you to say "Ka pai" and 'Turituri. Ka pai that means good TURITURI means BE QUIET.
I learnt all of those new words which are our Summerland values!

Mr Ken Ring Doing Maths Magic!!

On Tuesday the 27 2010, I did math magic with Ken Ring!
When Shari, Aashay and I went to the library we were the only ones there and we waited and waited and waited for miss Dysart to come and get us but she didn't so someone els came to get instead. We had to bring three rubber bands, a deck of cards, three coins, a pencil, paper and pen. As we sat down Ken opened a book and fire came out! It was amazing! I had never seen anything like it! I wish I knew how to do it and I wish I could do it!
We got to do a lot of stuff like 26 coins, moving rubber band trick, four kings and a lot more that I can name! After we did some magic tricks we had morning tea and it was so much fun playing with one of my best friends Samantha!
It was fun and we had to wait on the courts but some people didn't wait and went through all the construction they could of got hurt but luckily they didn't get hurt at all.
When we went in inside we did some more magic and Ken poked a needle into a balloon and it didn't pop!
How cool and that is my maths magic.

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