2010 Camp!

On week 3 in the first term of school 2010, rooms 9, 10, 16 and 17 went to camp!

The transports that were used were the bus and ferry.
Our heart beats got faster and faster as we got closer to Camp Bentzon.
When we finally reached Camp we were welcomed by Erin and Peter (as well as weka's walking all around us).
In our four days of camp we spent our precious time doing kayaking, Sailing, Raft building, Burmatrail, Fishing, Confidence course, Fitness trail, orienteering and bushcraft as well as other small things like free time, sports, wharf jumping, swimming and diary writing.
We had wonderful cooks which were Heather and Steve which served us lovely meals.
There were very few injuries (not major).
All the kids enjoyed there time there and probably felt that time just flew by.
All the kids owe teachers, parents and everyone else who made camp a fun and special place, a big Thank-You!

Flash Mob!!!

One day Miss Davies was walking back from an Anawhata Crew assembly. We were all sitting in class when suddenly "Hey guys I've got an idea!" said Miss Davies as she walked into the classroom. The class was really excited when the word idea popped up because we all knew that Miss Davies ideas were really wacky and funny.

Miss Davies explained to us what a flashmob was and we were really excited about doing it. You must be thinking "What is a flashmob?" well a flashmob is when you get a group of people to randomly dance in the middle of some place with heaps of people watching. You start a flashmob by having a few people or 1 or 2 people starting it off. Then as the song goes on you get more people to join in till everyone is on and as the song comes to the end people break off and just go back to what they were doing. You must be wondering "How do you get everyone to do the same actions?" well I'm going to take you behind the scenes and tell you.
As I said before the inspiration was walking back from assembly. Miss Davies told us that the actions had to be simple. She also told us that we had to choose the right song. The class decided on "U Can't Touch This". The making of the moves were really fun. Every time Miss Davies turned on the song Michael would get up and randomly dance. Ezrah came up with a few of our moves.
Finally we got all the moves and practiced hard until Monday. During lunch eating we did our Flash Mob. Ezrah and I started it off . More people joined in and then when we finished we acted as though nothing happened.
The 7teen crew challenge you!

Welcome to 2010!

It has been such a busy time for us here in the 7teen Crew. We have had camp on Kawau Island, we have got to know each other and we are really enjoying learning. We even have our class motto which is what we strive to live by - it is RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE! We display these attitudes and values in all areas of our lives
We have even had time to do a 'flash mob' dance in the middle of lunch eating time last Monday - it was a lot of fun and the other classes are now looking to take up our challenge.
Keep checking back here to see what we are up to - we are learning lots and enjoying the start to our year.
Anawhata represent!

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