On holiday it was fun because I went to Piha beach!!.
I'm  excited because it was my first time.  We took some bread, sausages, the strawberry jam, chocolate jam and some juice.
It was not cold and not hot but it was good weather.  We didn't bring our swimming togs because the waves were so hard.
We climbed the mountain, it was hard because it was high and I didn't wear my shoes . So it was too hard but it was fun. 
Then we ate lunch - I ate bread, Hot dogs and some juice.  It taste very good .
We went to home I was sad I want play some more but I had fun. I watched a movie with my friend.  It was called The Last Air Bender, it was fun. 
On the weekend I went to Andrew's house we played computer games and card games.  Then my friend come to my house, so we played at the playground and I went my friend's house . We play at playground and we ride the scooter it was fun.

I like this holiday because we went  to Piha beach. Then I  go to Andrew's house and play with my friend so I like this holiday.

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