Zoo Trip

On Wednesday we went to the zoo. I'm excited because I'm going to zoo for the first time. My group is number 1, my group have many Koreans but we used English.
We ride in the bus. I'm sit with Andy. We arrive at the zoo, it looks cool than Korea zoo.
First we saw kiwi's but it is dark. I can see kiwi but little bit I can't see kiwi because it is dark and then we go somewhere and we learn about the kiwi and we write about the kiwi. It is not hard because we already learn about kiwi.  After we learn about kiwi we ate morning tea and we saw many animals - elephant, lion, tiger, monkey, giraffe, zebra etc. My favourite animal is an elephant and dog but dogs not in the zoo.  We ate lunch, my lunch is sushi it is yummy.
We saw more animals, we saw playground and a big hole so we go in to the hole it have many ways, so we saw animal in the hole and we wave to the children and teacher.  It is so funny, I want go to the hole again but I can't go to the hole again because the time is almost gone and it is raining and we meet other people and go to the bus.
We talked and we ride in to the bus and go to the school. I was sad.
But we go back to school. My class was playing mafia so I watched what they doing.
It is a fun time.

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