Auckland Hockey Academy

Today the Auckland Hockey Academy visited Summerland Primary School. They only taught the year 5's and 6's. There was two men Hemant and Sean there. They had set up 2 groups of hockey sticks on the courts. We all thought we were using those sticks but we weren't.
They had told us to jump over the sticks. They showed us a demonstration how to jump over the sticks. When we had finished doing that we had grabbed a hockey stick and got a partner. They had said we had to pass the ball to your partner. 15 minutes later we had to get in a group of 3 or 4. They had put 3 cones in front of us. We had to go in and out of the cones. When we reached to our group we had to pass it to the next person. My group was the first to finished!
After that we had to go on the netball court and spread out. We got our own ball. The instructor said there was 3 levels.
Level 1 is when you just dribble the ball everywhere.
Level 2 is when you dribble the ball but when the instructor says "PASS" you pass the ball to someone else. You cannot pass the ball to the same person you passed.
Level 3 is when you try to get someones ball and hit it to the sides. Who every gets out has to sit on the side. If you want to get in the game you must bounce your ball 3 times on your stick. We played it again but this time if you get out you lose. Viliami survived.
The next game we played was Hockey Ball Rush. There was 2 attackers. The people who survived was Lisa, Courtney and Michael. We returned our balls in the bag and lined up. Room 22 had arrived at the courts. We went to the class and did our timetable.

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