Word Wizardry with Russell Greenwood

On Tuesday the 3rd of August 2010 Maristelle, Atarah, Shari, Aashay, Courtney, Lisa, Hannah and I went to WORD WIZARDRY! And we learnt how to say words and translate them into English, ond-and pa-the walas-weird , etc. We learnt about ancient Rome and the Romans and we got to see pottery from long ago as I call it. We learnt how to translate the story of Cynewulf he's a warrior who has deprived Sigebryght of his kingdom for unrytumdaedum-Unriches deed and he is dead. I filled up like 5 pages of my everything book. Russell told us that we had to go outside and do some exercise because we had been sitting for ages and we would get fat and that our parents would kill him!

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  1. elad says:

    Hi my name is Elad. I would love to go to Word Wizardry and learn about Rome, and learn about the ancient Romans!

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