Dylan's WWE tour

A couple of Thursdays ago I went to the Smackdown Tour that came to New Zealand. When we got there I was so excited about it. It was at the Vector Arena in the city. We went to have dinner first Reid and I had Mc Donald's then mum and dad had some rice and chicken. Then we headed back to Vector Arena. I really wanted a shirt but mum said No! Dad secretly brought me a John Cena shirt that was heaps of money. Then it was the first match. It was lots of fun seeing my favourite and non favourite superstars. My Favourite match was Rey Mysterio vs Kane. Rey did the 619 to me on his fingers to me when I was fighting Reid my Brother. Kane weighs about 305 pounds, Kane has weight and height advantage. Rey did one advantage - high flying. Ding Ding the match starts Rey kicks Kane in the leg, Kane punch's, a few minutes later the match is over. THEN KANE has not had enough, he starts beating up Rey. No way it was the Big Show - who weighs about 220kgs and is 7 foot. Big Show starts to beat the life out of Kane then Drew Mcintyre comes down and starts kicking Big Show. Then Kofi Kingston come down hit Drew. Suddenly out of no where Drew and Kane are gone - running and upset like little Babies crying for their Mummy. Rey gets his revenge and so does The Big Show and Kofi Kingston. Rey stay's, Big show and Kofi Kingston go.
Then we go home get into pajamas, have something to eat brush teeth and go to bed.

2 Response to "Dylan's WWE tour"

  1. Anonymous says:

    love it great blog

    Michael says:

    WOW! That would be so cool watching them and hope your mum didn't find out about your shirt your dad bought you secretly.

    Just one hting you're missing, commas on the last sentence.

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