The Stardome Sleep Over!!!

In the holidays we played at Maristelle's house and we saw her niece named Summer. Maristelle's niece is so annoying but cute and she cried over us, and laughing at Strawberry Shortcake her favourite movie in the whole world!
We laughed because in America there Spring is in March and here its September. Summer went to my brother (her dad) and told on us! My brother didn't care about telling us off, then Summer went to my mum and still another person didn't care about us laughing at the movie! After all that drama we ate lunch with my mum, Samantha, Summer, Tyrone, Steve and Maristelle. When everyone left Sam and Maristelle watched some Sonny with a Chance, Glee, Sweet Life on Deck and the Simpsons!
While we were watching TV we had some mandarins and we were peeling the white stuff off it and eating them with tooth-picks! (how funny!!)
When it was dark we left to the Mexacani Fresh at 7:00pm to eat dinner and then we went to the Star Dome at 7:30pm but our turn was at 8:00pm, so we had to wait for a long and long time to go into the Star Dome it was amazing to see.
After we did that we were laughing so hard it was crazy! Then we went to sleep!

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