Blart Character Descriptions

We have been doing character descriptions in our class to get ready for the writing test that need us to write one about someone. I have done one about Blart and from my character description I drew a picture of Blart on Kid Pix on the computer.

This is my Character description:
"I'm not going anywhere!" exclaimed Blart, the boy who was very stupid and loved pigs. He had lived with pigs for his whole life with his grandfather on a farm, which is the reason he likes pigs.

Blart has a darkish shade of blonde hair, with blue eyes and a pig-like nose. He wears loose clothes that stink of B.O. and mud. Blart is used to it. He's as tall as a humongous 13 year old and he has pale white skin that matches his clothes and hair.

He is very persistent in staying with his pigs and would even choose to stay with them rather than go and save the world. He always gives up on something really easily and he is really stupid. Stupid because of not saving the world, he doesn't know any useful words to say and wouldn't even know what 1+1 equals. He is very selfish and would never help anyone except for himself and pigs. He likes to do nothing but sit down instead of jumping and running around like a normal kid, he might even be mentally challenged.

One time blart got kidnapped and didn't know which word to say for kidnapped. Another time he somehow turned down the demand of saving the world and went to sleep in his bed instead.

What I think of blart is dumb and also a little funny with how he acts. Mainly but, really, really really idiotic!

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