Mr Ken Ring Doing Maths Magic!!

On Tuesday the 27 2010, I did math magic with Ken Ring!
When Shari, Aashay and I went to the library we were the only ones there and we waited and waited and waited for miss Dysart to come and get us but she didn't so someone els came to get instead. We had to bring three rubber bands, a deck of cards, three coins, a pencil, paper and pen. As we sat down Ken opened a book and fire came out! It was amazing! I had never seen anything like it! I wish I knew how to do it and I wish I could do it!
We got to do a lot of stuff like 26 coins, moving rubber band trick, four kings and a lot more that I can name! After we did some magic tricks we had morning tea and it was so much fun playing with one of my best friends Samantha!
It was fun and we had to wait on the courts but some people didn't wait and went through all the construction they could of got hurt but luckily they didn't get hurt at all.
When we went in inside we did some more magic and Ken poked a needle into a balloon and it didn't pop!
How cool and that is my maths magic.

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