Winter Field Day!

In term 3 we are doing Winter Field Day and I am doing Hockey. Winter field day is a day where most of the schools in West Auckland go and play different sports.
Winter field day is on Tuesday 24th August. For hockey we need a mouthguard, shin pads, long socks to cover up the shin pads and a hockey stick, this optional because the school has some we could use.

We have training before school on Mondays, and Wednesday afternoons where we usually do senior sport. We do alot of drills and games in training so that while we train we also make it fun.

I chose hockey because I wanted to try something different from soccer because I already play it for a club and it turns out that when you try something different its actually really fun. There were also other sports I could have done like Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Kiwisport.

Winter Field Day will be really fun and we will all enjoy it.

3 Response to "Winter Field Day!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay we love sport too!!!!
    good luck in hockey!!!

    Hannah & Courtney :)

    Anonymous says:

    Hope you do well in hockey. I hope Summerland does really well in the hockey. Keep Blogging!!!:):):D:D:D

    Anonymous says:

    Hi Aashay
    Cool blog! Hockey sounds like such a cool sport to play! Enjoy yourself!!!

    From Hannah(:(:
    Stay Happy!

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