Our New Timetable!!

In the 2nd week of T3 Miss Davies gave us some timetables to work on.
For the first week we worked on time management actually getting through the whole timetable, it is now w3 with our timetables we all have gotten better with our time management...
Miss Davies would give us say 4x Reading, 4x Maths, 3x Blogs, 2x Homelinks and 1x iRead to put on our timetable and the squares that Miss Davies has already filled we have to leave them alone the rest that aren't, we fill in with our Maths/Reading etc.
I am getting to learn that our timetables aren't that easy and they aren't to cool...what I hate about them is that if say my reading group had to do reading as a "GROUP" and we couldn't because no one else was doing it at that time that you were. What I like about it is that we get to do what we want when we want...My conclusion about our timetable is, I love our new timetable it is really cool, fun and a very new experience...Thanks Miss Davies!!

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