Already at University!

"OH MY GOSH! ARE WE DREAMMING, BECAUSE WERE GOING TO UNI !!!" This is what we felt inside, 10 & 11 year olds going to UNI now that is something BIG. The chosen people were offered a variety of sessions which improved different areas of our learning. This certain class we were attending was taught by Russel G. and it was Word Wizardry. We gained the knowledge about where the english language originated from. "Anglo Waaa?" The English language originated from the Anglo Saxon language. Did you know that the country that speaks the most english is India OMG !!! We learnt heaps from Russel as he had lots to tell us because of experience throughout his lifetime. He told us that at one stage that French was actually the most common language. We learnt so much our heads started hurting. The best part was at the end when we got to handle ancient artifacts and some of them were recreated. Thank you Russel for expanding the knowledge in our minds and which might help us in the future!!

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    Cool Blog!
    Word Wizardry sounds so awesome, Because it is!!

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