My Holidays

In the Holidays on Saturday I went on a two hour bush walk with my Mum, Dad, sister, Aunty, Uncle, and my two cousins . It was really long, I was left behind and I also I got lost. I got found when my dad came to find sticks so we could play a game called find the sticks. It sounds so boring and It was.
I had a bad day on Saturday. On Sunday me and my dad went to see Karate Kid and Twilight Eclipse. I really liked Karate Kid the most because, it told a stroy about a boy who went to China and always got bullied by boys and he learns karate.
Twilight was ok but I cound not understand anything, it was all confusing to me .
In the next week, I stayed home and took care of my sister.

6 Response to "My Holidays"

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow that movie is cool as i loved it :)

    Anonymous says:

    I think it is good andrew

    Anonymous says:

    hi Miss Davies!
    I Really want to see Karate Kid! It sounds sooooo cool!
    TTFN Ta Ta for Now!
    Hannah :]

    Anonymous says:

    Hi I really enjoyed watching " The Karate Kid ". I have a few questions I would like to ask you....what were your favorite scenes in Karate Kid? I liked your blog post but maybe you could try getting some more exiting words in there to spruce it up! Apart from that I really enjoyed reading your post! Your blog is really kool I always want to see whats happening on your blog!...

    ** Tori-Grace **

    Anonymous says:

    Man I absolutely LOVED that movie. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan seem to be making a good team! I think maybe a little a bit more description but other than that it's quite good. Lovely!

    Anjali my I know u know me because it's your friend ruby and I would really love to watch karate kid naa I'm just kidding I already seen it because my aunty called ramona she has it in her U.S.B drive so I think I should watch it again.

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