AFL Kiwi Kicks

In week one of term 3, the AFL Kiwi Kick people came to our school. They came to give us a try-out of their club AFL kiwi Kick.

They taught us how to do a drop punt- a drop punt is a type of kick with a rugby ball. They told us to have the laces of the ball facing away from us and to drop the ball then kick it away from us!!! When one of the kids kicked the ball it flew over the fence and hit a car but thank goodness it did not do any damage!!!!
We played another game called "Bomb The Teacher!" First we got into pairs and lined up behind some cones each with a ball, then we had to do a drop punt kick and try and hit the teachers!!!!!! ( Mr Sunny, Miss Davies and Miss Cheeseman )
They gave out forms to sign up for Kiwi Kick and they give you a free goodie bag with a Kiwi Kick Ball and a hat!!!
Overall we think AFL Kiwi Kick is AWESOME!!!

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