The Marvelous Math Magician!!!

'Where is it?' 'oh no!' was all you could hear from the three of us as we searched around the room for our equipment.
Unless you didn't know, today was the day that someone very special was going to visit us. It was the one and only maths magician Mr. Ken Ring! As we entered the room everyone fell into a deep silence waiting for Mr. Ken Ring to do something. Throughout the day he talked and showed us amazing tricks including fire coming out of a book, a needle going through a balloon without popping, a coin going through a balloon from the outside, as well as a whole list of other things. He even let us in on some of them but don't think we are going to tell it to the whole world by writing on this blog.
It was a great experience for the 3 of us and we really enjoyed it.
Thank-You Mr. Ken Ring! Don't forget to check out his 2 websites they are

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