Amazing Hockey!

Last term the year 5's and 6's had to meet on the court for senior sport. The senior teachers told us to pick a winter sport game. There was kiwi sport, hockey, rugby, netball and soccer. I picked hockey. The teachers then told us that we would practice next term ( Term 3).
Today was term 3 and everyone was ready. The gear I brought was a mouth guard, hockey stick, shin pads and long socks. I was ready!
The practices for hockey was Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00am, Miss Davies was the coach for hockey. We practiced on the courts. I was really, really EXCITED! When we finished playing hockey I would always get a vivid mark on my leg from sweating! Yesterday we had senior sport. We had to bring spare clothes because we were going on to the field. It was all muddy and dirty when I jumped up and down. When everyone had finished we had to clean our hockey stick. I washed my stick at the Muriwai fountain.
All the rugby students had pushed in line to get washed. I got annoyed when everyone pushed in. Everyone had finished washing. We had to go back to class to do our work. Man I had a lot of work to finish!

3 Response to "Amazing Hockey!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that looks cool

    Anonymous says:

    Cool keep it up bro!!!!!!!


    Leija says:

    nice pose nicholas is that your game face ??? + nice blog too lolz but i think for your game face you should not smile...


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