Me in the Holidays

In the holidays I mainly stayed at home because I had a cold. Sometimes I went to the neighbours and we played on the tramp, it was fun. Also we played in her room. Her mum gave me some jeans they are cool. Before we went to the neighbours me and my mum went to the mall and I got a dress and some other stuff.
My brother and I went to the movies and saw Twilight and Toy Story 3, they were cool.
I had a sleepover at my best friend Maristelles house. It was fun and we went to the Stardome. At the Stardome we got to lie down and see the planets. We got to listen to some people that said "I'm walking on the moon, I might skip now, do do do do doo" and he was singing it. It was really funny and sounded funny!
Then we had a week left of the school holidays. I went to the mall with my mum and I had sushi. Then It was my Grandads brithday and he was turning 65 and we got to eat a really nice cake that I got for my family it had caramel icing it was yummy yum yum!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Holiday story. I just have one question. Who is her? Great story. Keep up the great work and blogging about the great work.

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